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LNE-SYRTE is responsible for primary metrology missions of gravimetry in France. At the Trappes site [1], the iGrav #005 superconducting gravimeters and the CAG transportable absolute atomic gravimeter [2] are operating. This laboratory has been designed to accommodate other gravimeters for metrological comparisons tests and calibrations [3, 4]. The team's primary activity is to provide the absolute value of g continuously to the neighbouring Kibble balance experiment, previously for Planck constant determination and now for the implementation of the new definition of the kilogram [5]. Research activities are aimed at both improving the accuracy of the CAG, of 20nm.s-2 [6] currently , to a level below 10nm.s-2, and its long term sensitivity, of 0.6nm.s-2 currently, to a level below 0.1nm.s-2.

You can access here different IGETS products, for the GWR iGrav #005 instrument also available at the IGETS database, i.e.:

The description of the formats/products can be found in the EOST products document.

GWR-iGrav #005 (since 2013)

GWR-iGrav #005 raw gravity and pressure
Figure 1: Level-1 data for the iGrav #005 instrument installed in Trappes since 2013.
GWR-iGrav #005 corrected gravity and pressure
Figure 2: Level-2 data for the iGrav #005 instrument installed in Trappes since 2013.
GWR-iGrav #005 gravity residuals
Figure 3: Level-3 data for the iGrav #005 instrument installed in Trappes since 2013.
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If you use these data, please cite: Merlet, S. and F. Pereira dos Santos (2020): Superconducting Gravimeter Data from LNE-SYRTE Trappes - Level 1. GFZ Data Services.


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