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Earth Tide Service (IGETS)
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Data products

Data Centers

The main products of IGETS are the raw and processed data from worldwide superconducting gravimeters (SG), as a continuation of the Global Geodynamics Projects. They are hosted at our main data center located by the ISDC at GFZ in Potsdam Germany.

Other datasets, e.g. long time series of various geodynamic sensors (spring gravimeters, tiltmeters, strainmeters, etc.) will be hosted at EOST in Strasbourg, France.

Data Products

Several SG data are available at ISDC at GFZ:

Corrected gravity data (Level 2) can also be found at Univ. of French Polynesia, along with the Bulletin d'Information des Marees Terrestres at

Data Products

SG data for major Earthquakes (minute and second sampling) can be found here

Other Products